I want to use this area to share links to books, videos, blogs and other web pages that might help you in your journey. I am NOT using affiliate links. All opinions regarding any shared content remain my own. I will only recommend books that I have read, do not deviate from Scripture, and can serve as tools for deliverance, encouragement and faith. I personally have been blessed by the resources below in many ways and know that you will be as well. All links to ministries, sermons, bible studies, etc. are NOT "affiliate links." I share these because they have been a blessing to many, including myself. More resources will be added according to the Holy Spirit's guidance.

Read & listen to Derek Prince's The Power of Proclamation: 

Derek Prince Ministries' YouTube Channel:

Watch & Listen to Dr. Felix Chivandire's studies:

Dr. Felix Chivandire's YouTube Channel:

Pastor Vladimir Savchuk's YouTube Channel: 

Watch & Listen to Faith Tabernacle:

Watch & Listen to Christ's Commission Fellowship