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How I entered and realized I was in the wilderness

Psalms 78:52 NLT

“But he led his own people like a flock of sheep,

guiding them safely through the wilderness.”

Shalom Kingdom Family!

It has been several months since I last posted! Between some serious asking, seeking & knocking (Mat. 7:8), my physical health being affected, and taking on a new venture, my blogging came to a temporary halt. I did keep writing down anything Holy Spirit gave me, but it wasn’t time for me to bring it to This is For You. For the last, almost 7 months, life for me has been filled with changes. I have lost some things that, I can say with all honesty, feels like a gain as a child of God. My way of thinking, prayers, plans and goals have completely shifted.

My prayer, for a year or so before this complete change in my life, had been “God, I want to work for You. What is my purpose as Your child? What can I do to obey what Your Word says? I want to live as You say I should. I want to help and serve as You want me to.” I never, in a million years would imagine that because of this prayer, God would give me the courage to let go of the security I felt with what I had achieved and what I was sure I would accomplish. My life as well as my daughter’s (so long as she’s a minor) was all planned out for us. I was sure God would bless me in what I had already envisioned for us. However, the more I would desire His ways, the more I felt something was missing. I wanted to volunteer, to donate, to help the needy in the communities around me. I had NO time to do anything that was tugging at my heart because my career was taking over a lot of my time. I found myself sacrificing some valuable, God-given things to sustain my vision for my life. My amazing career was not filling me with joy anymore, and I started realizing that my road to success would mean I would miss out on my daughter (my first ministry), and on anything that would bring the Kingdom forward.

Am I saying that a successful career, goals and dreams are bad? No way! I have always lived for planning ahead and goal orientation. I still incorporate that into everything I’m doing now! But my “go-getter” and “grind” attitude was on steroids. It would have continued to be because there was no other way for my set schedule to work. The position I held required a lot of passion, time, traveling. As a single mom and someone who wants to work for the Kingdom in any way, I couldn’t possibly continue. I know many people that have a wonderful career, have time for their Kingdom purpose and family. I absolutely love what I was doing for work, but nothing compares to having a schedule that God has complete control of.

With all this said, Holy Spirit gave me the unimaginable courage to let go of the job I was supposed to retire from. It’s been 7 months since I resigned. I have met some amazing Kingdom people who have been a blessing in my life. I am now able to spend time with my daughter and enjoy being part of her education. I can volunteer and connect with wonderful people in my community that serve the needy. I also get to write, (which is one of my passions) and encourage people with my own testimony and experiences based on the Word. I also was given the opportunity to work from home as a business owner. Needless to say, this was never part of my plan for my life but was always a plan of His.

Does it all sound amazing? Probably does! But no changes or new levels in our faith walk come without trials or wilderness periods. God will reveal to us our hearts and motives; He’ll break us down to mold us. We’ll learn humility, obedience, service, giving, faith, courage, and peace during our wilderness moments. Why is this? If we can get any advice from the Israelites in their wilderness period, it is that without any of the virtues I mentioned, we will not inherit the land. God has many promises for us, and they do come to pass. However, when He places us in wilderness periods, we need to ask Him to reveal to us our hearts so that we may go through the wilderness cleansed from anything that may hinder our entrance to a higher level in our walk.

In the upcoming posts, I’m sharing with you some of the things Holy Spirit has taught me during my wilderness period. I am but a mere child in awe of her Father’s mercy and unfailing love. I thank Him for allowing me to listen to Him even when it hurt and I didn’t understand.

I pray that this post was a blessing to you and that God gives you the wisdom to understand how He’s trying to work in your life so that whoever is going through similar situations can be blessed with your testimony!

Please meditate with me on Psalms 78

· Have we ever behaved like the Israelites in tough seasons in our lives? Maybe unintentionally?

· Can we record in our hearts God’s faithfulness and love towards the Israelites in the wilderness?

· Write down those verses that highlight His loving kindness and mercy towards them and personalize them with your name.

This is For You,


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