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How to Receive Anything We Ask For In Jesus' Name

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

Last post was all about trusting God in the process of waiting. God's got answers to all our prayers; whether we like His response or not -- I think this is a difficult statement to make and hear for some or all of us.

With that said, many believers will cling to verses such as Mark 11:24: "I tell you, you can pray for anything, and if you believe that you’ve received it, it will be yours (NLT)." I have highlighted every single time Jesus said that I can ask for anything in His name and I will receive it if I have faith!!! But, we CANNOT dismiss the Words Jesus spoke before and after every time He told us we can ask for anything and receive (literary context).

I can have full assurance that God provides and will provide for me, however if I'm not living according to the context of that Word (believe and receive), I cannot come before His throne, ask for something and expect to receive it. Why is this? If I'm not fully submitted and walking in the Spirit, then most likely, what I'm asking for, does not align with His will. Most likely I'm asking for my selfish desire and not asking the Holy Spirit to lead me in prayer to ask for God's will in my situation. Surrendering our will is not easy, but when we continue developing our relationship with God, our mind and heart will be transformed and we will want His will above our own.

To receive, Jesus said, we need to bear fruit, love one another, forgive those who have hurt us, forgive those we have anything against, abide in Him, always come before Him with thanksgiving, seek the Kingdom first and not worry or be anxious about anything. These are things that come with being filled with the Holy Spirit and are not a list we need to go over daily to see if we can put a check mark next to them. Really and truly, we experience these as we walk close with the Lord and allow His Holy Spirit to lead us in all our ways. The more we desire His presence, the more these things become second nature to us; the more we'll desire to please Him in all our ways.

Now, God is sovereign and knows our hearts and any difficulties we might be facing. If He knows He has to step in urgently, and show us grace and mercy He undoubtedly will! But as children of the Almighty King, we should want to follow His commandments, which He left us for our good. Like a proper human parent would love, guide and discipline, expect our Heavenly Father to do the same.

I am leaving you with some of the many verses that will help us learn how to live a life ready to receive:

Galatians 5:16

Galatians 5:22

Galatians 5:24-26

James 4:3

1 Corinthians 6:19

Ephesians 5:18

Romans 8

Philippians 4:6

Philippians 4:19

Psalms 19:14

Psalms 84:11

1 John 3:22

Romans 12:2

Matthew 6:33

John 14:12-21

John 15:1-17

Mark 11:22-25

Hebrews 12:1-12

I'm with you in prayer,

This is for You!